Glosee PC browser shutdown
and mobile service guide

Glosee is a browser that allows you to find knowledge and information around the world in your own language without language restrictions. When Glosee shares information with each other, the nations, citizens, businesses, and individuals alienated by the existing authority or structure of the power dynamic between two people or groups will have competitiveness in a more horizontal and flat world, and through equal opportunities we believe you can be a little happier than now. In the past 10 years, the Glosee PC browser has been continuously upgraded, but due to maintenance, search and translation effectiveness, etc., it is no longer provided in a PC. Instead, we are going to provide in the mobile such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, etc., instead of only staying in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. As we look at the world in Korean, the future will prepare to see Korea in the language of people all over the world.

With appreciation, Representative Shin, Hanjin

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